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StratusIQ Brings "Gigabit Beyond" 10Gig Residential Internet

2:42PM January 14, 2022

StratusIQ, Colorado Springs’ market leader in Fiber-to-the-Home Internet service, is proud to announce that it is now providing 10 gigabit per second (Gbps) and 2.5 Gbps Internet service to its customers in select areas of Falcon, CO.  They’ve branded these Internet products as “Gigabit Beyond.”  These are the fastest residential Internet speeds available in Southern Colorado.  For the remainder of 2022, StratusIQ will be expanding its Gigabit Beyond residential service to additional existing and new service areas.   

 StratusIQ has been diligently investing in and upgrading its network to begin offering these next-generation bandwidth packages.  Select areas have been chosen for the initial rollout where StratusIQ has overbuilt “Unserved” areas.  Areas are designated Unserved when the incumbent provider is unable to provide speeds that meet the minimum FCC requirements to be considered broadband (25Mbps download and 3Mbps upload).   

“StratusIQ’s foresight into future bandwidth needs is why we are deploying our next generation Gigabit Beyond service in these areas.” -Ben Kley, President, StratusIQ  

“StratusIQ has made 10Gbps service available to Enterprise customers for years, but these enhancements make 10Gbps available to business class and residential customers.”  -Ben Kley, President, StratusIQ 

“We will quickly make these services available to additional service areas along with our new StratusIQ Fiber TV product which streams over our fiber system.” -Sebastian Nutter, Director of Sales & Marketing, StratusIQ 

“Our service areas stretch into Colorado Springs and other areas of El Paso County, but Falcon is where we started our business.  We were the first to bring fiber-to-the-Home to Falcon in 2007, the first to deliver 1Gbps residential service to Falcon in 2018 and are now the first to bring 10Gbps service to Falcon in 2022. “ -Ben Kley, President, StratusIQ 

“We are not just closing the digital divide here, we are blasting through it and giving these residents access to Internet speeds that will effectively future proof their area for generations. “ -Sebastian Nutter, Director of Sales & Marketing, StratusIQ 

10gig residential Internet service is not widely available in the United States, this will not only improve quality of life but will also put El Paso County, Colorado on the map as being one of the most connected counties in the country. 

Details about StratusIQ’s Gigabit Beyond services and sign-up information, are available at 

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